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Enabler "War Begins with You" Cassette

This release is the ‘Pro-Cassette’(1) formatted version of a vinyl 7” (from Volatile Recordings) or is the 7” the vinyl version of this Pro-French styled release? Hmmm. According to the press release, this band hails from Milwaukee, WI and play a variety of grindcore/metal/hardcore stuff that is heralded to the likes of ENTOMBED, HIS HERO IS GONE, INTEGRITY and mid-career(2) NASUM. I guess all of that is accurate. Yeah, the slash-slash description in that same press release I can totally agree with. As for the band comparisons, well, I cant tell one from the next because if (at best) I just heard most of those bands, mostly in passing or overhearing Treebeard talk about them whilst I was glazing over. But none of that means, by any show, that its bad. Even about the glazing over while talking to Treebeard (nothing personal). This is a cool tape and a good listen. Well produced, catchy and the sort of thing I have been running into where I least expect it ever since I began getting into the punk scene. I spent a week with it playing through the pick-up trucks tape deck back and forth to work and didn't get bored of it one bit. Hell, I bet Treebeard loves this shit too! Bands like Enabler get the job done more so than they get credit for most of the time and if they still made 40’s(3) you could hardly mistake a basement full of smelly studded pink-eyed crustys raising 40’s NOW to bands like Enabler or even Enabler themselves, than to the same smelly studded pink-eyed bunch back THEN raising 40’s to band like Enabler... I find comfort in sitchies(4) like that. Oh yeah, a BEASTIE BOYS cover on side two as part of the five songs in total that's worth a nod in mentioning.

By: Shawn Abnoxious www.myspace.com/shawnabnoxious

(1) Cassette=French=French Fries=Freedom! This is a FREEDOM TAPE!!!)
(2) As opposed to early career
(3) As in ‘ounces’ and yeah, I know they still make them, just not like they did Back In The Day®
(4) A new fancy way of saying ‘situations’

Sacred Plague Record www.SacredPlague.com
Kaleb Keefer 7746 Whitehall Cir. E, West Chester, OH. 45069



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November 2010

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