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Wolverton Brothers "Crooked" CD

Wow. Another space-soaked scorcher here. Imagine if PERE UBU didn't start sucking when they should have been ROCKING (Like during Dub Housing)... That band would be The Wolverton Brothers! Crooked is the base returning to slap you in the face. It's minimal all B/W packaging hand numbered copies limited to 250 copies gives the release a sense of urgency... It seems to a trained and professional ear that the hillbilly/alt-country influences that the band was founded on are nearly culled and replaced by a psychedelic space thang... And that thang is a good thang. The Bros. are out there, on a different existence altogether surfing a new dimension into the unknown three islands over from the initial landing. You see, its guys like this that LEAD the way. The Bothers are pioneers sailing a flat earth knowing that they will fall off the edge, but will make the journey anyway. They will go there and might not ever be back (No, they sail NEVER to return!) but that is YOUR concern, not theirs. You see its the pioneering suicidal divine wind that propels these guys sails. Fuck you Chrissy Columbus! Move o'er, there's something LEANER! All in all, these songs definitely have a harder edge than their last effort, Old Ugly and Loud which seems to be all the guitars fault. There's less chaos in the mix too. Could this be due to their re-inclusion to a studio unlike the path that had seemed to becoming forged with Old Ugly and Loud which the band recorded themselves in their practice space? Like I said, these guys sail into the deathly unknown. It's all left turns unless your expecting left turns (then its all right turns, and here we are acting like there are only TWO turns available to us; Right and left... This band defies that concept). I guess what I'm trying to say. is with any Brothers release, this one is bound to impress and even surprise. My fav track is “Memory Thieves” or maybe “Our Sons” but really, this whole release is on target, if even the target is vibrating in this dimension. Outside, the outside is where you will find The Brothers infecting you. Infecting you. Infecting you... Dont fight it.



November 2010

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