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Deadly Companions 7" (1)

Refreshing. Whew! For just a minute back there, I thought punk-rock* was DEAD! But its still alive... After all, its moving and jumping like it did Back In The Day®. Sigh. Three songs that brings to mind THE MOTARDS or THE REDS but not as garage-punk** driven as both those bands more classic punk driven like THE GERMS which really, really, REALLY hits the spot (really)... After all, you proly would never see something like DEADLY COMPANIONS on Rip-Off Records (are they even still around?) and that isn't necessarily a bad thing either. DEADLY COMPANIONS give you three dirty, gritty jams full of scathing vocals and push-a-long guitars and drums that start and only let up when the needle isn't hitting the record. Its bands like this, on records like this that I remember putting three REAL olde tyme american dollars in an envelope for, waiting to see if I get anything back. Usually I did, sometimes I didn't. A CHANCE was about taking a CHANCE and nowadays, friends in foreign cities hear something and send stuff to me... So yeah, this record found me via a friend***. He thought I would like it and yeah, he was right. This is the sort of record, and band (for that matter) that I would have heard by chance at a Mantis Gallery show in Kent Ohio and just raved-on and on and on (until the break of dawn and then some) about. During the writing of this review and the many listens of this record, it also got better with each turn, or spin or listen or whatever the fucking kids call THAT these days. Save some time in your day for this band. My eyes are open in 2010 and I’m ready to do it again. So bring it down you dirty Texas punk-rockers make the dash mean it!



November 2010

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