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Gordy Horn "The Glue..." LP

In the attached label catalogue that came with the LP from WHAT THE...? RECORDS many different examples were used to describe this outfits sound but I’m just gonna say that it’s experimental Columbus Jazz. ‘Columbus Jazz’* is a term that I developed to stand for the cool music that I would hear from my Uncle Frank, who lived in Columbus Ohio with his family for a time. ‘Columbus Jazz’, to me is just cool sounding stuff that isn't necessarily birthed of a specific genre. To be ‘Columbus Jazz’ it has to sound cool and be different... From what I gather, most of these songs are derived from a small core of members including Scott Hisey, Adam Shelton and one of my art-hero’s, Tim Schwallie of WOLVERTON BROTHERS and BY-PRODUCTS OF AMERICA who also is an accomplished artist to boot. This record was a present to me from a close friend. A GOOD present and one that I cherish. I have actually had the pleasure of witnessing a Hissey/Schwallie performance of Gordy Horn some time ago, and much like the record was a sight to behold. You see, with many different descriptions of what ‘experimental’ (‘Columbus Jazz’) could be, what Gordy Horn is I would consider listenable. It’s just not noise and banging instruments hiding behind some form of a genres definition as ‘music.’ This shit is real and considered and even though freeform and improved, detailed and well thought out. Dare I say the songs are also memorable and catchy... Plus, the cover has Scott (I think) and Tim huffing glue from a bag. That is awesome. Wish I was there. Did I mention that this one-sided LP is limited to 130 hand-numbered copies? Well put that in your bag and huff it!



November 2010

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