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Fuck Knights/G-Biz 12"

Fuck Knights/G-Biz 12"
Originally uploaded by The Big Drop
This is a two band, 2 song each split 45 rpm EP (small hole) on a 12” record. Yeah, don't see much of that nowadays because the format is an expensive one compared to others and heralded as not being convenient. So when I opened up the package that meant there was instant bonus points awarded. More bonus points were awarded when it was discovered that of the 2 songs from each band one was a studio track and the second was a live one with the live track being recorded in a bar in Minneapolis on a cassette recorder! Cassette? Yes, cassette recorder! Breaking it down band to band, THE FUCK KNIGHTS have local Cincinnati ties (as does the label, IONIK) and it all makes sense when you see G.D. ‘God Damn’ Mills mug on the cover. He is in the Fuck Knights and ever since I met him he had been building up a band to what The Fuck Knights have seemed to accomplish. You could see burgeoning bits and pieces of what the Fuck Knights are on some DataWasLost Recordings from the band THE DECISIONS, which was an awesome G.D. project... The Fuck Knights play late 90’s style lo-fi spastic garage-punk. Fast, snotty. Loud and on the fringes. Sounds tight and nasty. As for G-BIZ, well this was my first exposure to them and the results finds favor. A lot of the same aspects that the Knights deliver on their side of the record shine through on the G-Biz side, except that the music is all mechanical drum beats and screaming synths (I guess). Like mixing a dragging SCREAMERS with CHROME. Lots of overdriven vocals that sounds like they could reach through the record and player and speaker and bite you. This is a good release which shows promise for both bands and their label that took a chance on the format. Im left from this release wanting more from all three. Mission accomplished.



November 2010

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