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Swear Jar "Cuss" CD

Swear Jar "Cuss" CD
Originally uploaded by The Big Drop
Separated in two parts that could wage infinite war with each other for superiority (without winner) Cuss is the debut release from these NKY sounds assassins that have done their best (and lord knows they tried) to cure (at least my) insatiable thirst for interesting, intense, raw, moving and powerful music. With this release becoming highly anticipated in a short amount of time, Cuss definitely inspires and causes movement. You listen to it and wanna do something. Write. Scream. Pick up a guitar... Cuss spurs action. Imagine a more accessible and listen-friendly version of US MAPLE mixed with social conscious post-punk bands like GANG OF FOUR or the honesty to their songs lyrics and structures likening that of THE MINUTEMEN and, at the same time, a sound that also reaps the benefits and danger of punk pioneers like THE BIG BOYS; Cuss could have been a bridge between THE BIG BOYS punk and funk definitions. It’s new enough for all those kids who call records vinyl's (fucking idiots that they potentially are) to like and appreciate but still (at the same time) holds true to the Back In The Day®* punk ethics of yester year (I’m talking as recent as early as 1995 here peoples!) that keeps old codgity fucks as myself interested. The songs on Cuss are heavy AND delicate. They are strong AND fragile. They show promise AND decadence. Cuss plays like soundtrack to watching a forty-five minute swath of the news, with plenty of toothpaste, fast-food and pharmaceutical commercials played in-between segments. Is it of any coincidence that my two-year old picked up the LP sleeve, heard the beginnings of the song “Old Shake,” and said “Uh-Oh”? No, it isn't. She should be concerned because records like this will one day be treason to own. Yes, I said TREASON. Cuss goes against everything that the modern machine touches and molds. Cuss shows that there is still rebelliousness out there. The fight continues... Wow. I cant believe that I even said that... It’s just rare that a record these days, like Cuss, comes along and I cant find anything I would change about it. This, in my book, is a damn near perfect release. It’s a reason behind any codgity statement that nothing good is released these days. Cuss is good. Damn good... Swear Jar will prove you wrong, and now I don't have to go to church this sunday. Good, cause I wasn't going anyway.



November 2010

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